Mr Ayriss wrote: «Despite the fact that children were

450 points submitted 1 day agoWe have that same story in my country but instead of sexual assault, the woman accuses the guy of possessing illegal narcotics and using her corrupt cop contacts extorts money from the guy, steals their property car, cellphones, deeds to property etc then imprisons them and asks for more money to get the case dropped.After a while they were caught but the woman was released on bail, she had a measly $400 bail bond and eventually only got 2 years but was released in just 6 months, even though it was pointed out that she was practically the mastermind getting the lions share of all the loot, the 7 cops were dismissed and were sentenced to 15 years. All in all the victims who came forward numbered to around 15+, so yeah justice is still not catching up with all the equality stuff that been going on recently.geerrgge 2 points submitted 5 months agoThis is the topic of my dissertation for my aerospace engineering degree. There are about 500,000 tracked objects between 1cm and 10 cm in lenght, over a million more smaller peices.

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