before he knows it he right behind him and when namjoon stops

wanna tag everything

canadian goose jacket and seokjin is just awed canada goose outlet us while he watches canada goose outlet parka this kid go in an empty park. before he knows it he right behind him and when namjoon stops he automatically starts clapping, half scaring the poor guy to death, who never had any idea anyone could hear him at all. and then jin is all canada goose outlet canada up in his face, eyes sparkling, telling namjoon how he awesome canada goose outlet in vancouver and that was canada goose outlet mall such a cool canada goose outlet paypal rap and how he canada goose outlet london totally relates to it and namjoon canada goose outlet uk fake is s o talented to be able to do that and poor namjoon just turns canada goose outlet trillium parka black bright red (2) canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Online bc he never rapped in front of anyone before or shown them the stuff he done but here a really cute guy talking canada goose outlet vancouver about namjoon like he actually something special bc of his raps and even saying he LOVED it and canada goose outlet mississauga namjoon is just really?? canada goose outlet online uk flustered?? and afterwards they sit at the park together ralking and buy canada goose uk joonie talks about his rapping and why he does it and his love for music and jin just soaks it all up and talks about his own tastes in music canada goose jacket outlet toronto amd they talk so long it becomes hella dark (3) Canada Goose Online

canada goose so canada goose jacket outlet uk jin is like omg!! you still a kid!!! so he sends him home after exchanging contacts and then when jin gets home and hits the bed he gets a text from joon like home safely, what about hyung? and he grins and Canada Goose online shop starts texting back and then they ended canada goose womens outlet up falling asleep messaging each other bc this is basically canada goose outlet online store review their first real friendship and over the years jin is namjoon 1 fan and supporter even when ppl tell him he should stop rapping and just focus on his grades instead (4) canada goose

Canada Goose Parka jin is just always there telling him he can do canada goose outlet black friday sale it and jin believes in him and somewhere canada goose parka outlet along the line joonie falls for this kind and dorky and energetic hyung of his who never once given up on namjoon even though he obsessed with rap/music or thought namjoon should canada goose outlet in toronto change in any way and so when jin struggles in school joonie learns the subjects he struggles in to be able to help him and constantly canada goose outlet winnipeg address praises canada goose factory outlet seokjin when he can so he knows he really absolutely amazing no matter what (5) Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats and namjoon always buys jin fav snacks or new ones he wanted to try out whenever he feels down and goes to the same highschool as him as a surprise, shocking jin even more when he skips another canada goose discount uk grade to be in the same class as jin after jin tells him he wishes canada goose outlet niagara falls he never had to go to school bc its horrible and they just always together, always seokjin canada goose outlet in chicago and namjoon and nothing else to everybody who knows about them. namjoon makes a cd and sends it to companies to see if anyone will take him (6) canada goose coats

uk canada goose and jin is telling him will, they will but namjoon doesm believe him official canada goose outlet and they in their last year of highschool when namjoon canada goose jacket outlet hears back from someone and gets a record deal and finally, finally makes his dream come true and becomes a rapper like he always wanted to be. the first song he raps is that canada goose outlet near me one from all those years ago in that park, edited and tweaked just a little bit, and he canada goose outlet new york dedicates it to jin. he saves up the money, goes canada goose outlet location to the first flower canada goose outlet ottawa he sees and buys a HUGE (7) uk canada goose

uk canada goose outlet bouquet of flowers and heads straight to seokjin dorm that he just moved into all alone since namjoon canada goose outlet edmonton isn going to college, drops to his knees canada goose outlet sale right there and tells seokjin he doesn have the money or stability or even worth to propose to him right canada goose outlet toronto address now and ask him to marry him, screw the canada goose outlet uk law, but he will one day and right now he just wants to know if jin will give him the chance to be his boyfriend and jin just laughs and kisses him right there in canada goose outlet real the dorm hallway with everybody there (8??) uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose sale and namjoon becomes famous and makes money and gets them an apartment and jin finishes college and they don have legal papers saying they canada goose outlet 80 off married but they got rings and the memories and love to say it for them and that all they need. joon dedicates every album to jin and jin is his number one fan always, to the point where not a single one of namjoon fans doesn know who jin is. (sorry i took so long iT GOT AWAY FROM ME AKSKFK) but like. consider. canada goose jacket outlet store (9??? who knows anymore sjdkg) Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet Fandom: Life is StrangePairing: Grahamfield (Max Caulfield/Warren Graham)Rating: Uh T? M? canada goose outlet orlando It doesn’t go all the canada goose outlet store quebec way, but there’s a sexually charged situation I guess you could call it? I’m embarrassed, don’t look at me Canada Goose Outlet.

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